Jersey Air Show

Jersey Air Show

Arguably one of Europe’s finest free aviation festivals, the Jersey Air Show has continued to attract and delight tens of thousands of Islanders since its debut some 64 years ago. Additionally it’s now become an extremely popular island event with visitors from all over Europe.  They head to our shores... Continue reading
Autumn in Jersey

Autumn Break

If you want to avoid the busy peak season of summer holidays and all that it entails with children and traffic and noise and crowds, an Autumn Break (when the schools are back!) in Jersey can offer the ideal time off for you. Conveniently located in the Channel Islands... Continue reading
Stay cool this summer

Stay Cool This Summer

Summer is now upon us with the hot season running from July to October and it brings sunshine, heat, humidity, energy, stimulation and focus.  In balance at this time of the year, we are articulate, courageous, show sharp intellect and are content with who we are and where we are going. However,... Continue reading