The Hotel de France is undertaking repair work after Storm Ciaran, between 29th January – mid April 2024 at present. We will have scaffolding at the front of the Hotel however we are not using the bedrooms that will be affected.
We very much look forward to welcoming you to Hotel de France.

The Hotel de France acknowledges the necessity for responsible and sustainable environmental management and is committed to improving energy efficiency and protecting the environment. At all levels of the business, from directors, employees and guests, we will endeavour to minimise the impact our daily business has on the environment.


• Understand and comply with law, legislation and regulations and to take a proactive measurable approach to future environmental and social responsibilities
• To constantly monitor and reduce the emissions of green house gases and conserve natural resources, whilst maintaining the comfort and safety of our guests and staff.
• To engage, educate and train all members of staff in environmental issues and in good working practices in order to create an energy efficient and environmentally aware working culture.
• To reduce waste and increase the recycling ethos of all departments and suppliers of the hotel.
• To achieve a 5% decrease in energy consumption year on year.

Key Procedures

• Directors will conduct and monitor monthly meetings with a representative from each department, ensuring that we are constantly putting environmental and energy saving issues at the forefront of our business strategies.
• To control and measure usage of energy in each area of the hotel consistent with its business strategy of use in order to increase awareness of energy issues among staff and encourage ‘energy responsible’ attitudes.
• To actively communicate environmental awareness of the hotel to clients.
• To ensure all staff are made fully aware of the Hotel’s environmental policy, and to gain their commitment and involvement to assist the Hotel de France in being a socially responsible business.
• To develop and maintain responsible purchasing methods to include sourcing all products, such as locally produced goods and using suppliers that maintain ethical practices.
• To work and communicate with other Hotels and business’s in Jersey, in order to comply with the relevant environmental legislation and codes of practice.