The Hotel de France is undertaking repair work after Storm Ciaran, between 29th January – mid April 2024 at present. We will have scaffolding at the front of the Hotel however we are not using the bedrooms that will be affected.
We very much look forward to welcoming you to Hotel de France.

How to get here

SatNav Postcode: JE2 7LA
Google Maps Link 

Jersey is serviced by a number of airlines from a large variety of airports throughout the UK and is a very convenient flight time of approximately 40 minutes to one hour, depending on departure point. If you wish to explore the island with your car, there are daily sailings from Poole to Jersey with Condor Ferries with a crossing time of around 4 hours.

Hotel de France is located on the outskirts of St. Helier with just a 15 minute walk to the centre of St. Helier where you will find a large number of boutique and high street shops and restaurants. 

Directions from the Ferry Terminal

On leaving the terminal via the only route available, La Route de Port Elizabeth, continue to the second roundabout taking the third exit onto the A1 – La Route de Liberation.

Leave the slip road filtering into the centre lane and continue through the Tunnel under Fort Regent – A17.

On exiting the tunnel, take the second exit at the roundabout B79 – Green Street.

Continue on Grenville Street until reaching traffic lights, moving into the right lane and turning right A6.

At the junction, turn left onto B84 – St James Street (Admiral Pub on corner).

Continue through the traffic lights following the A7 – St Saviour’s Road, through one set of traffic lights until a triangle junction forces you to turn left. Do so moving into the right lane passing Grande Marche superstore located on your left.

Keep in the right lane turning right, up a light hill whilst moving into the left lane and turning left at the top.

The Hotel de France is located on the right with a large placard located at the drive in entrance.

Travelling by ferry

Travelling by sea to Jersey is the perfect way to begin your island break, by enjoying the comfort and convenience of Condor's high-speed passenger and car carrying fleet.

Treat yourself to a refreshing drink to celebrate the start of your getaway in one of the onboard bars, or if you choose to upgrade to their Club Class seating, you can indulge in a truly unique experience as you sail across the English Channel.

Book online with Condor Ferries and start to
plan #theislandbreak of a lifetime.

Travelling by air

Flights available from more than 20 UK airports

Directions from the Airport

After leaving the Airport you will very soon come to a mini-roundabout. Continue straight ahead, passing ‘Jersey Bowl’ on the right and ‘St Peter’s Nurseries’ on the left, until you come to another mini-roundabout.

Move into the right-hand lane and turn right (2nd exit). Continue right to the bottom of this hill, until you arrive at another mini-roundabout.

Here you must filter in turn, and take the first exit on your left. Continue on this road, passing Bel Royal Garage on your left.

Very shortly this road becomes a dual carriageway and you should continue all the way along for about 3 miles passing 2 sets of traffic lights.

At the third set you should get in the left-hand lane, until you reach a set of traffic lights facing the ‘Grand Hotel’.

Here you should turn left into Pierson Road.

At the end of this road you should turn right and keep in the right-hand lane for a short distance.

After making the right bend, you should move over into the left-hand lane and continue along ‘Cheapside’ and subsequently into ‘Elizabeth Place’ and ‘Rouge Bouillon’.

Continue along this road, passing the Fire Station on your left and the Police Station on your right, until you come to a roundabout.

Here you should take the second exit on the left, passing the ‘Norfolk Lodge Hotel’, and continue in the left-hand lane passing through a set of traffic lights.

There will be two more sets of traffic lights and, before reaching the second set, you should move into the right-hand lane.

Continue straight ahead, keeping in the left-hand lane, passing ‘Roberts Garage’ on your left, moving into the right-hand lane until you arrive at a T Junction.

Turn right into St. Saviours Road and keep in the left-hand lane. The entrance to the Hotel de France is on your left, opposite the Monterrey Hotel.

Taking the Bus from the Airport:

Take the Number 15 bus from the Airport to Liberation Station. This service departs Jersey Airport every 15 minutes between the hours of 8.30am and 6.15pm Monday to Saturday, and every 30 minutes on Sunday, at a cost of £2.30 per adult and £1.10 per child.

Then from Liberation Station, take either Number 13 or 23 to Hotel de France (departing every hour). Note that Number 13 does not operate on Sundays.

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