Complexion looking a little lack-lustre? Suffering from oily skin? Whatever your skin is afflicted by, a consultation with Dr Prasanna Kerur, Ayurvedic physician at Ayush Wellness Spa, followed by one of their new La Sultane de Saba face therapies, could have some much-needed answers for you

Look fresh faced with Ayurveda

Ayurveda – the ancient Indian healing tradition – believes people are characterised by three traits: Vata, Pitta and Kapha, otherwise known as your ‘Dosha’ or character type. Once you know your Dosha you can eat, exercise and live accordingly to maintain optimum health and balance for body, mind and soul. So, which type and facial are you, and how can you sustain healthy-looking skin?

Vata (Air)

Skin Characteristics: Tends to have dry skin and fine hair. Intolerant of cold, windy weather which leads to cold hands and feet in winter.

Common Complaints: Prone to sensitive skin, headaches, eczema, nervous disorders and digestive problems.

Treatment – Soothing Vata Facial: This treatment will breathe new life into dry, stressed skin thanks to the deeply nourishing and intensely hydrating factors. La Sultane uses Argan oil based skin care range along with naturally sourced active ingredients that helps to restore skin’s lost lipids, softening, renewing and awakening your natural glow.

Pitta (Fire)

Skin Characteristics: Soft fair skin, prone to acne and moles. Intolerant to the heat and the sun.

Common complaints: Most prone to falling ill during the late spring/summer. Cracking and itchy skin, excessive thirst, jaundice and a bitter taste in the mouth.

Treatment – Cooling Pitta Facial: This facial will purify even the most delicate skin by sharing the benefits of La Sultane’s Sugarcane and Prickly pear range. Organic plant extracts combined with soothing prickly pear oil will heal, hydrate and firm, restoring balance to sensitive, irritated skin and help it regain strength and a youthful glow.

Kapha (Earth)

Skin Characteristics: Tendency towards oily, wavy hair, a clear complexion and a slow pulse.

Common complaints: Prone to ill health during the spring and late winter. Illnesses tend to revolve around congestion and fluid retention.

Treatment – Purifying Kapha Facial: The Kapha Facial uses La Sultane’s Seven spice skin care range along with organic active ingredients which are custom-blended for intensive exfoliation, nutrient infusion and a renewed moisture balance. The pressure point stimulation for the face and scalp along with lymphatic stimulation completes the experience, creating healthy, decongested skin.

Ayush Wellness Spa has introduced the La Sultane de Saba skin care range as an essential part of a lifestyle that enables you to achieve harmony and balance in mind, body and spirit as you journey through life.

Ayush-La Sultane Gold Signature facial is a premium facial therapy done using 23 carrots Gold range known for its anti aging properties. La Sultane de Saba unleashes the secrets of precious rituals and recipes that date back to the time of the Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra. Cleopatra was known to have applied a gold mask using these precious, healing gold minerals to enhance her beauty and restore a youthful radiance.

La Sultane de Saba Product Range

Discover the power of natural ingredients which are used to create a dazzling array of fragrances and decadent textures. When combined with these effective rituals, your mind and body will be transported and your senses indulged, in a journey of pure relaxation, bringing the ultimate in wellbeing.

Ayush La Sultane Gold Signature Facial and Deluxe Dosha Facials range from £80-£105.

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