It takes just 35 minutes to complete the Milon training and you only need to train just twice every 10 days

Milon approach to health and fitness

What if I don’t have the time to go to the gym 3 times per week? And what if I don’t know what I am doing? What if it doesn’t work? Will I feel intimidated?

These are thoughts that pass through the minds of many of us when we come to the realize that we need to improve our health and fitness.

Many people love the gym or health club, enjoy the challenge and it becomes part of their everyday life. A routine. A habit. A bit like shaving or making the kids packed lunches. But for others, it’s bred from need rather than enjoyment. A gentle recommendation from the doctor or a subtle realization when looking in the mirror.

So what do we need. A health club where we do not feel intimidated and immersed by the echoes of snarling and grunting. We need a solution that is not too time consuming and we need a system of exercise and training that anyone can do.

Welcome to Healthhaus

In recent years Jersey was a great destination for conferences and events. Large corporate companies from the UK and Europe would bring hundreds of employees for sales meetings and AGM’s. Hotel de France was the flagship to this industry and as such, has a vast range of meeting rooms and other space. The conference industry slowed after recession and did not recover. This left some redundant areas of the hotel that could be used for diversified product or service. A Health and fitness Club I hear you cry!!

The Hotel already had a gym, but the idea behind Healthhaus was to provide a solution to the above problem. And for a member base. Not only an efficient, effective fitness solution for the cash rich and time poor. But a 360° approach to wellbeing that would align itself with the hotels existing Ayush Wellness Spa.

Club facilities

There are a plethora of studios both right and left as you walk from the members private lounge down the corridor to the plush changing rooms at the end. A Kinesis room for functional strength. A mind / body studio for pilates and yoga classes. A group training suite for functional body weight training and TRX plus a Myride cycling studio. This virtual spinning studio takes you into the virtual world of high definition videography. You can cycle with your classmates across deserts and scenic mountain passes. This helps you become absorbed within the workout and perform in a mindful state. Don’t be fooled though… there is no virtual effort available.

Personal trainers there to help

The club has a knowledgeable personal coaching team that are always on hand to offer help and support. There is a different method here. Not the usual push push push, but more to inspire and educate, which is more beneficial to the individual going it alone in the future.

Healthhaus prides itself on its ‘concierge mentality of service’. And indeed focuses on the balance of relaxation and exercise, especially when combined with the spa. But the core focus of Healthhaus is the unique Milon health and fitness System.

Milon health and fitness

Milon consists of a circle of 8 muscle strengthening and endurance machines. What sets these machines apart from other exercise machines is the eccentric loading system. i.e. when the weight is lowered. This is offers 30% more effectiveness on the movement. Milon is said to speed up weight loss by up to 15 times more than regular fitness training, delivering great results.

It takes just 35 minutes to complete the Milon training and you only need to train just twice every 10 days. Sound more like it?

Milon started life in Germany in 1970 under it’s original name of Miha. Then launching the first German manufactured tennis ball machine. In 1986 Milon was first to market with equipment that featured electronic resistance control. And were also the first to make use of smart card technology to record training session data. This smart technology adjusts the equipment to the individual user profile as they move around the circle, from one machine to the next.

Milon takes its name from the ancient Greek athlete Milo of Croton. Legend suggests that Milo would cultivate his strength by carrying a calf around on his shoulders everyday. As the calf got bigger and heavier, so would the load on his muscles. This method of progressional strength training forms the basis of the Milon health and fitness concept.

A balance of wellness and fitness

You might only need to train twice in 10 days, but when you have access to Ayush Wellness Spa, you might find you are visiting everyday.

Ayush Spa, often referred to as a ‘ultimate haven of peace and quiet reflection’ offers a 17,000 sq ft of pure luxury spa pool complex. As a Healthhaus member, you have use of an infinity pool, hydrotherapy massage pools, hot and cold pools plus sauna and steam rooms. There is also a sun terrace and you can also sunbathe on the hotel’s landscaped gardens.

So, after all that hard work, you will are rewarded with the best of relaxation and recovery.

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To discuss Membership: Contact the Membership Team on 01534 614800 or email.