Overcome winter lethargy with Ayurveda

Simple lifestyle tips to help conquer winter tiredness

Overcome winter lethargy with Ayurveda

Winter is perceived by many as a season of dismal cold and gloomy period. However, Ayurveda says winter is not a weakening period but actually the best season to improve your immunity.

Winter is a season of Kapha accumulation and reflected in our tendency to hibernate during these months.

Ayurveda points out the value of managing Kapha during winter by adapting naturally to appropriate food and lifestyle activities counteracting lethargic and depressive phase.

Winter is the best season for improving immunity


  • Eat warm and larger portions of cooked food.
  • Plenty of soups made of mung bean, adzuki beans, pumpkin, carrot, ginger and chicken.
  • Don’t skip meals. Eat pure, fresh foods – stay away from canned or processed foods that contain additives and chemical preservatives. Cook with spices – they’re not only great flavour enhancers; they can help you stay healthy and beautiful. Use energising and digestive herbs and spices like ginger, mustard, cumin seeds, cardamom, black pepper, basil, turmeric, sesame seeds.
  • Honey and agave are healthier sweeteners.
  • Drink warm through the day and warming herbal teas containing ginger, liquorice, cardamom, peppermint, sage or basil.
Girl drinking herbal tea
Drinking warm herbal tea throughout the day helps to support immunity and reduce lethargy.


  • Self massage using sesame or almond oil before a bath will keep your body warm and energised.
  • Use soap free cleansers on the skin to protect skin and also use coconut butter as a natural moisturiser.
  • Give your skin lipid support from within by including soaked and blanched almonds, soaked walnuts and ghee (clarified butter) in your diet.
  • Choose natural fibres such as wool or silk for protection. Natural fabrics allow the skin to breathe better. If your skin tends to chafe with wool, try thick cotton. Always dress in layers so you can add or remove them for comfort. Bundling up too much can cause moisture loss through sweat.


  • Regular vigorous exercises, swimming, yoga and pilates.


  • Ayurvedic herbal jam, chyavanaprash that comes from the amalaki fruit (Indian gooseberry), is one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin C, antioxidants and has immune-enhancing effects. Recommend having couple of teaspoonful once a day.
Chyavanaprash Ayurvedic Jam
Ayurvedic supplement Chyavanaprasha – a mixture of sugar, honey, Indian gooseberry, various herbs and spices.


  • Padaghata, pressure by foot massage helps to reduce lethargy.
  • Udvartana, herbal powder massage helps to kick start metabolism and improves circulation and leaves you invigorated.
  • Hot Stone massage brings warmth in to the muscle tissue enhancing circulation.

In moderation

  • Dairy, cheese, red meat, shell fish, mushrooms, alcohol.


  • Day sleep, late dinner, deep fried food, cold food and beverages.
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